What do Johns Client’s say?

” People have this idea of hypnosis being this magical trancelike state where you might even do something against your will. This could not be further from the truth. John and I actually went through a whole process. Firstly we discussed the workings of the mind and how we could use that to our advantage. Then we had to clearly define a desired outcome. That could be anything from a specific goal to a certain mindset or a particular behaviour. The actual hypnosis was used more so as a tool, some sort of feedback mechanism to make sure the new mental program is rooted deeply in the subconscious.

What I got out of the hypnosis sessions was a laser point focus on specific football related things and beyond football I rid myself of some fairly self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours and gained a more positive outlook on life in general.”

– Thomas Broich

“2 time Johnny Warren Medalist” – Hyundai A-league Player of the year.

” I have attended John MacDiarmid clinical Hypnotherapists sessions a number of times to deal with my motivation towards the end of a football season. His sessions were nothing short of professional his demeanour towards the growth of my personal development was very refreshing to see. I would recommend John and his Hypnosis treatment to anyone who is having trouble motivating themselves to go take that step in the forward direction.

Thank you John and I will see you very soon. ”
J.T.  Brisbane, Queensland.

“My son Jake recently undertook hypnotherapy sessions with John for his panic attacks and anxiety.

After the very first session we saw a marked improvement in his anxiety levels. John also gave him strategies to help manage this debilitating condition which has helped him immensely with his day to day living. My son felt an instant rapport with John  and looked forward to his sessions which anyone with similar conditions would know is vital to the treatment.

I can’t thank John enough for helping my son in his healing process. He has given us a much happier son. I would thoroughly recommend John  and his hypnotherapy treatment to anyone with similar conditions.”

Vicki, Eight Mile Plains, Qld.


”Hello, I have had three sessions with John the hypnotherapist.

I can say that my attitude towards the game has changed. I can control my emotions during the game much better, seems less frustrated. I also feel that I have more confidence in myself .  I am more positive about the game and were I am heading. Thank you John!”

– Regards;  PGA member.


” To whom it may concern

 I have undertaken a number of hypnosis sessions with John  MacDiarmid recently, to address what I laughingly referred to as an ‘addiction’ to sugar and also to improve my outlook on life.

 John made me feel comfortable, at ease with the totally new experience of hypnosis and he’s made me more aware of trusting my sub-conscious and the knowledge it holds within!

 I am certain that because of these sessions I now find I do not crave the sweeter treats in life, as I once did. This became evident on a trip to Melbourne (after my sessions) where there are many tantalising restaurants and patisseries, where I found it a pleasure to visit but had no desire to partake or overindulge, as I was fully expecting to do!

It is certainly small steps but believe I am trying to think more positively about the here and now and what the future may hold. This is my biggest stumbling block, but can see some improvement, that I believe will continue to blossom. I’m finding that rather than trying to suppress my dreams in fear of failure, I am willing to think of the future more in a visual sense and then use these as goals to work towards. I find I’m encouraging my husband more in his business and since my sessions began I am slowly finding myself looking to learn more to help him and be the partner he needs to make a success with his dreams!

 I know I have a long way to go, but thank John for his help with starting me on my journey in following the right pathways drawing on the resources/knowledge held within! “

Kind regards

S. Townsend, Pallara, QLD.